What You Should Know about Keratin Treatments

Silky Smooth Hair in One Treatment

Each year, there are different treatments and procedures that become the fad. Balayage highlights and ombre hair were the thing to do a few years ago. Keratin treatments are also quite popular on the list of must-do procedures. Everyone wants to have gorgeous smooth hair, and here’s what you should know about this particular treatment:

It’s not for everyone

Curly or frizzy-textured hair are perfect for keratin treatments. Fine, straight-haired individuals should avoid this treatment.

It takes a long time

The whole hair-smoothing process is intensive. Expect to spend hours at the salon. This is something you need to plan out in advance so you can clear your schedule. There are a series of steps involved—from washing your hair, applying the treatment section by section, and then blow drying and washing the hair some more. It’s a very long process that cannot be rushed. You can expect the whole process to take three to four hours depending on your hair thickness.

There’s a smell

Keratin treatments have a chemical, musty smell to it. It’s not a very strong odor, but if you’re sensitive to smells, you should be warned. The faint smell will remain on your hair until your next wash.

Aftercare is crucial

To get the maximum benefit of the treatment, you cannot wash or tie your hair for 48 hours after the procedure. Follow the exact instructions of the stylist so that you can preserve the effects of the treatment for as long as possible.

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